iOffroad is a Clinometer (a.k.a Inclinometer) for the true offroad enthusiast.  Get real world data so you know exactly how extreme that nasty hill or off-camber run really is.  iOffroad is a great tool for the seasoned extreme offroad veteran or the occasional weekend warrior.

Rigidly mount device in the vertical position, while on level ground press the 0 button to calibrate the device, and enjoy a great day of wheeling while getting real feedback on the obstacles you are tackling.

  • Works with new and older devices
  • Uses the Gyroscope on new devices
  • Uses the Accelerometer on older devices
  • Listen to music while in use
  • Graphical and numeric representation of pitch and roll
  • Threshold tracking of maximum angles. 
    Each time you go above the user defined threshold, the application begins tracking the maximum angle. When you go below the user defined threshold the maximum value is retained for a user defined duration.
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Optional Disable Auto-Lock
  • Adjustable audible alarm
  • Easy calibration